ethics, euthanasia & Canadian law

an exploration of an unsettling topic
of relevance to all Canadians | Aug 26, 2016
edited by Gary Bauslaugh
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about this website

This website hosts a discussion on the ethical and legal issues related to assisted suicide and euthanasia. The cases cited here expose certain weaknesses in the Canadian Justice system. Rather than see these issues fade from public consciousness, we aim to stimulate on-going discussion which then might lead to legislative action, or judicial reconsideration, or both, on these important matters.

This website is not for further discussion of the Latimer or Martens cases, per se, except as such discussion might be used to illustrate the legal and ethical issues involved. The issues here transcend the particular cases; the point here is to examine certain aspects of the Justice system, and how it performed in this and any other relevant cases, and to compile information and argument that could be used to effect change.

For example, Eike Kluge, one of Canada’s foremost Bio-ethicist, has written a proposed law that would put Canada first in the world in terms of end-of-life legislation. Read the proposed law here (pdf).

Thus both those who are sympathetic to Latimer and Martens, and those who disagree with what they did, can contribute to this discussion. The discussion will be mediated by Gary Bauslaugh, to ensure that all submissions are relevant to the points under discussion. Copy editing will be done on the submissions; any cuts or changes of significance will be returned to the sender for approval. The compiled results will subsequently be made available, perhaps in condensed form, to Canadian politicians and to the Canadian public. Persons submitting their comments will be agreeing to any subsequent publication. Any author profits made by subsequent publication of the proceedings of this website will be donated to the BC Civil Liberties Association or the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

This website collects and publishes the visitor comments, edited for relevance, length and repetitiveness.