ethics, euthanasia & Canadian law

an exploration of an unsettling topic
of relevance to all Canadians | Jul 15, 2024
written/edited by Gary Bauslaugh
co-published by Rocketday

about this website

This website initially held a discussion on the ethical and legal issues related to assisted suicide and euthanasia. The cases cited here exposed certain weaknesses in the Canadian Justice system. Rather than see these issues fade from public consciousness, we aimed to stimulate on-going discussion which then might lead to legislative action, or judicial reconsideration, or both, on these important matters.

Following the landmark February 2015 decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to legalize assisted death in some circumstances, and the subsequent legislation passed in the Canadian parliament in June 2016, there are still significant ethical and practical problems with the Canadian position on this issue.

The purpose of this website, revised from one constructed earlier in this national discussion, is to provide background information and analysis of the current legal situation in Canada, and then to press for a more progressive laws on assisted death in Canada.

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